The Barbet is a French water hunting dog. The term "Barbet" comes from the French word "barbe", which means beard. It describes the typical moustache of the Barbet.


The Barbet is one of the oldest European dog breeds. However, its ancestry is not exactly clear. On the one hand, it could have come to France and Spain with the Moorish conquerors and quickly found favor there, or Portuguese sailors brought it with them from a Nordic country. One of the first written scores was in 1683. Jacques Espée de Selincourt explained in his book "Le parfait Chasseur" how to hunt otters with a barbet. Napoleon also found a faithful companion in his barbet "Moustache". Towards the end of the 19th century, the breed was thought to be almost extinct. In 1970s the breeding began again.
The Barbet is said to be the ancestor of various hunting dogs. For example Pudelpointer, Griffon, Irish Water Spaniel and German wirehaired pointer.


The Barbet is a French hunting dog that belongs to the group of water retrievers along with the Portuguese Water Dog, Perro de Aqua Espannol and the Langotto.
He is suitable as a lost bringer in the water hunt, but also as a pointing dog and for blood tracking work.
Due to its abilities, however, the barbet is an all-rounder. It is suitable as a companion dog or therapy dog. His good nose can also be used for Mentrailing. As long as the barbet is nurtured, it's good for almost anything.

Size & Weight

Bitch: 53 cm to 61 cm
Dog: 58 cm bis 65 cm
Weight: 17 - 28kg


The barbet can be found in different colors: black, grey, brown, tan (fawn), sandy, white and piebald. The thick hair is wavy to curly. For more information on the appearance of the barbet, see the FCI standard.

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